Grooms Announce Comb The Feelings Through Your Hair

photo description

As mainstays of the now defunct Death By Audio set,it only made sense that the Brooklyn indie outfit Grooms play the final show at that venue. After all the band, in various incarnations  spent that past seven years honing their off kilter pop in that building and fronter Travis Johnson ran the Death By Audio effects pedal company with A Place To Bury StrangersOliver Ackerman.

On February 17th Grooms will release Comb The Feelings Through Your Hair via Western Vinyl. The album not only marks a new sonic direction for the band, bu it also features the new line up of Johnson, former DBA sound engineer Jay Heiselmann, and actor/comedian/drummer, Steve Levine. Earlier today the band offered up Dr. M which finds the trio delivering balanced pop structures over a sprawling six minutes psych collages and ambiance.



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