Eldridge Rodriguez – The Castrati Menace

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As co-founder of both NY/Boston noise pop outfit The Beatings and Midriff Records Cameron Keiber has been responsible for some of the finest releases within the northeast’s indie rock landscape. His current project and main songwriting vehicle Eldridge Rodriguez is no exception. With impressive releases like The Conspiracy Against Us and 2011′s You Are Released already to their credit the bands forthcoming LP, The Castrati Menace has been garnering some pre release buzz.

The LP opens with the squealing and fuzz drenched Big Dead Heart which sets the tone for the 9 track noise rock triumph. The Castrati Menace finds Cameron Keiber turning in arguably his strongest song cycle to date which Eldridge Rodriguez balances with electronics, screeching walls of distortion and a propulsive drumming courtesy of Dennis Grabowski and aided by bassist David Gabrowski and guitarist Clayton Kieber.  What’s most striking about this LP isn’t the moments of cacophony as enthralling as they are,but the songs themselves which stand up individually and are manaage to be all uniquely engaging. Tracks like Giving Myself Over To Boston and Stay Angry are examples of Kiebers ability to write bracing rock songs with quantum size pop hooks. Throughout The Castrati Menace Eldridge Rodriguez deliver 9 tales of cathartic and aresting noise rock while turning in one of the most satisfying listens of the year.

Eldridge Rodriguez will celebrate the release of The Castrati Menace tonight at Wonder Bar in Allston with Party Bois and Sky Jelly. Go get the rock and order the album from Midriff Records.

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