Playlist: Anti-Valentines Day

kennedyYeah, yeah, Valentine’s Day is here. Whatever! I can’t pass up the making of a good list though. It’s like creating the perfect mixtape. However, the thought of doing something overtly sappy, well…that’s just not going to cut it. While I may be very happily involved and committed to the perfect woman for me now, this wasn’t always the case. For this sad sack, I’ve been single far more often than not on Valentine’s Day and it sucked!

So, here’s my list for the singles amongst us culled from more years of experience than I care to think about. To those who refuse to settle, freshly bouncing back from a broken relationship, unable to let go of the past, I salute you with my Anti-Valentine’s Day playlist.

Lou Barlow has been dumped and now he’s acting like a dog.

The TheDogs of Lust
Matt Johnson shows Lou how to keep those rebound feelings at bay.

The JamBitterest Pill
You’ve been invited to the Wedding of an ex. She looks perfect and happy, your torn between thinking the sucker she’s marrying has no idea what he just signed on for and wishing you were him. Welcome to this masterpiece by Paul Weller.

P.I.L.This Is Not A Love Song
Valentine’s Day is filled with love songs, but this isn’t one of them.

Joy Division Love Will Tear Us Apart
No anti-Valentine’s Day playlist is complete without this song.

Dead MilkmenIf You Love Someone Set Them On Fire
Dead Milkmen’s answer to Sting. Sometimes while you’re in the full, wallowing grandeur of being single on Valentine’s Day, you just have to add a little humor.

Tom WaitsBlue Valentine
Tom Waits embraces the Hallmark Holiday by summing up every break up that ever happened!

Husker DuDon’t Want to Know If You Are Lonely
I get it, you’re looking for a little booty call. As the late, great Grant Hart put it so succinctly, I don’t want to know if you’re lonely.

Buzzcocks Ever Fallen In Love
Again, no list would be complete without this song.

The ReplacementsAnswering Machine
While most of us will never be Paul Westerberg cool, it’s nice to know that even he has left those cringe worthy messages on someone’s answering machine or voicemail.

Velvet Underground with NicoFemme Fatale
Nico is the ultimate seductress in this song. Don’t even listen to this one. Just trust me.

Kim Deal/Robert PollardLove Hurts
A very rare instance where the cover is better than the original. Sorry Nazareth but Kim Deal and Bob Pollard together? You never stood a chance. The music world thanks you for writing the vehicle that brought them together, though.

If you’re celebrating this day, have a great time. And remember to let your loved ones know you love them every day, not just on the Hallmark Holidays. If you’re single, embrace it with fine tunes! Music can make any day better. Happy Valentine’s Day! Or Happy UnValentine’s Day!

Written by: Chris Kennedy – Boston Rock aficionado and former WFNX on-Air Personality

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