Riffs & Friendship: An Interview With Greed Island

I first discovered New Hampshire’s Greed Island via a social media post from fellow Seacoast indie outfit, Rick Rude back in January. I immediately tracked down their then just released Nest Egg and proceeded to freak out over the bands marriage of Matador Records heyday guitar bands, pop hooks, and intelligent lyricism. That album has been in constant rotation since last winter and in my estimation one of the years finest. I recently caught up with Greed Island’s guitarist/vocalist, Trevor Butler to discuss the recording of his bands latest release and the burgeoning Seacoast scene. In addition we are thrilled to premiere the video for Tiny Homes that the band recently recorded with Ty Ueda for his Mount Misery Sessions. Thanks to Trevor for allocating the time to answere a few questions and of course the band for making the trek down from the New Hampshire for tonight’s show.

The Ash Gray Proclamation: Let’s start at the beginning, when did you realize you wanted to start a band?

Trevor Butler: What kid doesn’t wanna be in a band? It’s rad, you get to play real loud and just get it all out there. Chris Kennedy and I had been playing music together for a while and started writing some stuff we liked so we started playing out. We just found a lot of happiness in being able to share our creative efforts with friends and all the other amazing people out there we get to play with.
The Ash Gray Proclamation: How did Greed Island come together?

Trevor Butler: Greed Island came together with a mindset of writing new music, a lot of which formed by listening to the bands coming out of the New England post punk boom.

The Ash Gray Proclamation: Can you tell me a little bit about the creative process that led to recording of your latest Nest Egg?

Trevor Butler: Nest Egg is based a lot on our experiences at a house we lived in on Baker Street in Dover. That year we watched birds lay a nest on our porch and watched their birblets grow, I took in my cat Grandma who showed up on our porch one day, and just made a lot of memories there. Honestly, probably the best home we’ve ever had.

The Ash Gray Proclamation: How often does the band get together to write and record new material ?

Trevor Butler: Chris and I write the songs and a lot of times it happens in waves, we’re really busy so it just happens out of the blue. So far, it’s just been a yearly thing with recording, but we’re actually recording in early June to put out a split with our buds Idling.

The Ash Gray Proclamation: You are involved in the Dover scene as well as Sue’s Space in Rollinsford NH. What can you tell me about that space and your current role within that organization?

Trevor Butler: Sue’s and Wrong brain have given so much to the seacoast scene it’s honestly been amazing to be a part of it. Both organizations are at the heart of the true weirdo art collective and keep the area exciting. My focus at Sue’s has been a fundraiser coordinator. We are a member based art collective with a wonderful spot in the Rollinsford Mills with a stage, PA, lights, projector, and anything else you could ever need to have fun. My latest effort has been trying to raise money for bleachers. We’ve been throwing bigger events recently like the Rock Water Film Festival and Take Down wrestling and we want everyone to have a good view of the action.

The AGP: Which Seacoast bands should we be checking out ?

Trevor: Woah! So many. Pretty much all of them, but off the top of my head, Charles, Notches, Rick Rude, Idling, Heavy Pockets, Sunchoke, Gash, People Skills, and Peacham. Also, a couple of Manchester based bands, Baby Lawns and Bad Fellows.

: On Thursday you return to Rhode Island for a show at Machines With Magnets, what can the Greed Island uninitiated expect from your performance?

Trevor: Riffs and friendship.

Greed Island will perform at Machines With Magnets tonight along with The Chris Brokaw Rock Band, Gold Muse, and Lightsleeper. Event Info
MWM best

Photo credits: B/W band shot,courtesy of Robert Fitzsimmons
Flyer courtesy of Alex Keown

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