Hallelujah The Hills Return With Folk Music Is Insane


Boston’s purveyors of intelligent fist pumping anthemic indie rock, Hallelujah The Hills are set to return sometime this fall with their 7th LP, I Am You. The band has yet to announce the specifics of their release plans, but I’ve been assured those details will be shared soon. In the meantime HTH has shared the forthcoming albums first single, Folk Music Is Insane on various streaming platforms. Founder and chief songwriter, Ryan H. Walsh has shared some thoughts and a little bit about the motivation
behind the bands ode to music genres.

Music genres can help you understand what you’re about to hear, but they also carry a lot of baggage with them. If I tell you I’m about to play you a country song, you might even start to guess at some of the lyrics (“lost my truck, lost my car, got fired” etc). I like when expectations are subverted, so I started thinking about true but unlikely statements to make about music genres. Best one I came up with was ‘Folk Music Is Insane.’ I truly believe that. And singing that phrase on top of a deep, distorted rock n roll riff? Well that’s just the kinda thing this band was born to do.” – RHW

The band has also deemed their new song t-shirt worthy and I tend to agree. You can obtain and support HTH as well their forthcoming release efforts by obtaining and sporting the Folk Music Is Insane T-Shirt around town.

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