Proclamation Tracks – 2020

I considered a recap of the heinous year that was 2020, however I realize none of us need to be reminded of the state of our county or a laundry list of the attrocities we have all witnessed. Instead, as I begin to wind down activities at The Ash Gray Proclamation over the coming months I thought I focus on the artists that helped us through the past year and specifically the 100 songs that provided comfort and solace when we needed it most. You should expect our belated favorite albums of 2020 sooner than later. In a year that we had to settle for watching our favorite bands on our computers and T.V.’s instead of in our sorely missed local clubs, it remains crucially important to support their efforts. Most if not all of these tracks on this playlist were purchased on Bandcamp, usually on the sites no fee Friday’s where they continue to waive their standard fee which ultimately puts more money in the pockets of the bands, labels, and charities. I ask that if you find something you enjoy and I hope you find plenty, please seek them out on and support them by purchasing their music. As always thank you for your support and readership.

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