Premiere: DONE – The Wall In Every Door

Over the past year or so, I’ve been hearing rumblings of anonymous new hardcore act in the city known as DONE. The band has very little presence on-line and their bandcamp page doesn’t contain any music, but that’s all about change when the band releases their debut full length, Aged & Untreated next month. The band has issued the following statement to provide a hint or two: “It started off with J. writing riffs and programming drums until he got together with D. They then began to start the project writing songs remotely and matching up recordings during quarantine. Things began to open up so they got together a few times and immediately knew this was to be a full band. They teamed up with old friends  B. & L. and recording immediately began. The full length was recorded through early 2021-2022 in our practice space. Having cut their teeth in more bands than you can shake a stick at, Done are both a reaction and a provocation to the ebb and flow of heavy music in Boston. They are equal parts His Hero is Gone and Boston hardcore with a spritz of 2nd wave black metal. On paper you’ll go Oh I know exactly what this sounds like, yet it feels fresh, like a recently opened cut. Crafted and performed with a ferocity that only age and dismay can produce. They are unfortunately still here, and angry about it.”

It’s a thrill to be premiering the sub two minute pummeling and enthralling advance track, The Wall In Every Door from DONE ahead of their debut release and that’s not all, on Saturday September 10th Tor Johnson Records and The Ash Gray Proclamation will present DONE’s tape release show at O’Brien’s along with Sexless Marriage, Deprogrammer Cult, and Glue Horse. Tickets & Info

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Flyer courtesy of Hungry Ghost Press