A Users Guide: Rhode Island Freak-Out

fof_3This Sunday we proudly present Rhode Island Freak-Out, a full day of music, vendors, food, and refreshment at Pawtucket’s News Cafe & Parking Lot. At first our intent was to attempt a full day show that would incorporate some of our favorite acts from Providence, Boston, and beyond. We weren’t sure how or if it would actually come together. However, once we started to reach out to these acts, we were taken back by how accepting and enthusiastic they all were of the concept of the little pipe dream we’ve coined, Rhode Island Freak-Out. Motivated by some of our favorite Live music experiences and the desire to bring together as many musicians, artist and music obsessives in one place at the close of summer. With all proceeds from this event going to our performers this event and the ones that follow (we hope) will be a way to celebrate and support the local music community. Below you will find a brief guide to this years event, performers, and a playlist to get you prepped for what is sure to be a special day. We look forward to seeing friends, old, new, and yet to be made. Respect the space and most importantly each other.
pines1 - Brian Daly1:30 Rye Pines
Bursting out the Allston basements earlier this decade, Rye Pines have evolved into a sinister and howling garage punk trio. The bands Live sets are something to behold, consisting of equal parts sweat, grime, and surf punk furry. Arrive early and bear witness.

2:15 Beverly Tender
The Providence by way of North Carolina duo of Molly Hastings and Tristian Brooks occupy a space filled with delicate atmospherics, jagged distortion, coupled with earnest and wistful vocals. I’ve been eager to book a show with Beverly Tender since discovering their debut EP and last years release of their remarkable full length, What Have You Done To My Water? only heightened my appreciation.

3:00 No Hope/No Harm
Boston’s 90’s emo leaning supergroup that features members of The Good North, The Shelia Divine, Field Effect, and Sebio. No Hope/No Harm appeared seemingly out of nowhere and quickly released two impressive singles and earlier this year the band issued, the Swimming In The Charles EP frontman which finds fronter, Luke O’Neil leading the charge on 6 infectious guitar pop anthems.

3:45 Hellrazor
You may know Micheal Falcone as the drummer of Speedy Ortiz, but over the past decade he has been writing and recording under the moniker of Hellrazor. This is no side project, Hellrazor are a lo-fi fuzz punk trio delivering concise, varied, and catchy as fuck pop songs.

4:30 Halfsour
I originally discovered Halfsour a handful of years ago via debut cassette and followed along through bands evolution. The one constant has always been Halfsour write and record terrific and energetic guitar pop with nods to 90’s indie touchstones while delivering something wholly unique.
5:15 Lookers
Providence’s dark pop super-outfit fronted by writer, performer, and 2017 FEMS Poetry Slam winner, Muggs Fogerty. With limited music on-line at this point when Lookers play out it’s an event to behold.

6:00 14 Foot 1
Providence’s venerable spastic math outfit were on a the short list for this event from day one. Sonic spender via dual guitar wailing and propulsive percussion awaits.
14 Foot 1 on Bandcamp

6:45 Twin Foxes
Sunday will mark our third show this year with Providence’s heavy indie set, Twin Foxes. So yeah you could say we like them. The band arrived on our radar back in 2014 and have managed to deliver terrific string of releases, most notably this years tremendous, Sleeping On The Attic Floor. Not to be missed.
BH new7:30 Black Helicopter
Boston rock veterans and purveyors post-punk sludge, featuring members of Green Magnet School and Krudgel. After a stint on Thurston Mooore’s Ecstatic Peace! imprint the band has amassed an impressive discography most recently with Everything Forever (EP). Anthems for the downtrodden with big riffs and even bigger hooks.

8:15 Saccharine
The recording vehicle of Boston’s Kevin King, formally of Maura who offered his debut LP We Both Become The Sky, a collection earnest and captivating folk tinged introspection in 2016. Next month Kevin will team once again with Disposable America imprint for Saccherine’s sophomore release, Hollow Space. Perhaps he will treat us to some new tracks? Come and find out.

9:00 Major Stars
Boston’s venerable psych rock stalwarts made their Live debut at Terrastock in Providence way back in 1997, so it was a total no brainier to approach Wayne Rogers, Kate Village and co. to join us for our first installment of Rhode Island Freak-Out. For over two decades and multiple line-up changes Major Stars have consistently delivered their raucous, exceptionally adept, and singular sonic achievements.

9:45 Honey Radar
Honey Radar is the uber prolific and euphoric hook laden project of Jason Henn and the first band we asked to take part in this event so,we’re beyond thrilled that the PA lo-fi pop dynamos are taking the long drive down interstate 95. With elements of 60’s British invasion, psych pop and 90’s indie these songs feel oddly familiar and brand new all at once.
kal_marks_press10:30 Kal Marks
We first Boston noise rock titans, Kal Marks earlier this decade at one their explosive Live shows and that’s all it took, we were all in. Led by vocalist/guitarist Carl Shane, Kal Marks explore darkness and personal hardship and offer a little bit of light through a unified concoction of crushing distortion, pummeling rhythms, and Shane cathartic howl.

Thank You To Our Participating Vendors:
Midnight Warewolf Records
Tor Johnson Records
Moonstone Message & Bodywork
Frayed Knot Electronics
Nick Jacobs
Lenny M Art
Justin Foster

///Sunday August 26th: Rhode Island Freak-Out at The News Cafe & Parking Lot///
12 PM ~ Doors 18+ $12 Event Details

In Advance: Boston Fuzztival 2017

Computer HopeThe 5th installment of Boston’s Fuzztival kicks off today with a formidable line up from the northeast’s finest purveyors of noise pop, skuzz punk, garage, and psych freak-outs. Once again Fuzztival is presented by Jason TrefftsIllegally Blind. Which is a fine example of the valuable contributions that Illegally Blind makes on the the regular to our beloved Boston Music scene. Fuzztival will occupy 3 venues, featuring 30 acts over the next few days, and ardently All-Ages. This year’s line up is completely stacked with performance from local favorites like Halfsour, Kal Marks, Horse Jumper Of Love,and the hype worthy fuzz pop upstarts Blau Blau as well as Kurt Heasley‘s (Lily’s) new outfit HXDX, to name but only a few of the stellar acts that will participate in the event over the next few days. I had the chance to speak with both Kal Marks and Halfsour in advance of tonight’s performances at Massasoit Elks Lodge.

“We’ve played a hand full of Illegally Blind shows, and they’ve always been good. Jason actually asked us last year to play Fuzzstival, but I had my brothers wedding to attend. I’m glad he asked us again this year, and my brother wasn’t getting married again.”
Carl ShaneKal Marks

“I think we’re happy that anyone asks us to play. Its just nice that’s all. There’s a good handful of people that are really kind in this music world. I can’t say we are part of any community, but every so often someone from the underground scene reaches out to us, and we greatly appreciate it. Its like when you call or visit your parents or grandparents. We often feel forgotten, cause theirs always new bands with way better names than us, but when we get invited, we try to go above and beyond, because we’re so grateful that you remembered to call. On that note: remember to call your folks from time to time.”
Carl ShaneKal Marks

“We’re lucky to regularly be able to play shows with some really incredible bands who are also playing Fuzzstival year, and it’s definitely exciting to see everyone in one place. We’ve all been involved in the Boston music scene for a long while now and have played in numerous bands, and are excited about how the community has grown and where it is at right now. Events like Fuzzstival are just a reminder of how far the scene has come and also how much more growing the music community in Boston has to do. This year’s Fuzzstival is the most diverse yet, but we can do even better!”
Zoë WynerHalfsour

We are saddened to hear that Jason Trefts of Illegally Blind was involved in cycling accident earlier this week that has left him injured and currently on crutches.We would like to wish him a speedy recovery and remind you to be aware of cyclists and marked cycling lanes. Join us in our support and celebration of the once a year hootenanny that is Fuzztival.

Boston Fuzztival 2017 Schedule + Set Times:

Thursday September 28th @ Massasoit Elks Lodge
11:00 p.m.: Dent
10:30 p.m.: Kal Marks
10:00 p.m.: Gravel
9:30 p.m.: La Neve
9:00 p.m.: Germ House
8:30 p.m.: halfsour
8:00 p.m.: Blau Blau
7:30 p.m.: Dazey and the Scouts

Friday September 29th @ Once Sommerville
11:30 p.m.: Ovlov
11:00 p.m.: Horse Jumper of Love
10:30 p.m.: Ava Luna
10:00 p.m.: WAY OUT
9:30 p.m.: Bat House
9:00 p.m.: A Band Called E
8:30 p.m.: Laika’s Orbit
8:00 p.m.: BABY
7:30 p.m.: earthquake party!
7:00 p.m.: Mint Green

Saturday September 30th @ Somerville ArtFarm For Social Innovation

7:30 p.m.: The Kominas
7:00 p.m.: GYMSHORTS
6:30 p.m.: LOONE
6:00 p.m.: Mini Dresses
5:30 p.m.: Steep Leans
5:00 p.m.: Honduras
4:30 p.m.: MV & EE
4:00 p.m.: Sammus
3:30 p.m.: KXDX feat. Kurt Heasley of LILYS
3:00 p.m.: Peach Ring
2:30 p.m.: Nightime Sunshine
2:00 p.m.: Boston Cream

Boston Fuzztival Advance Ticketing