Red Pants Share Paper Moon From The Just Released Gentle Centuries EP

Today Red Pants, the Madison, WI lo-fi recording project of Jason Lambeth issues Gentle Centuries which follows up the excellent When We Were Dancing released early this year on Paisley Shirt Records. For those familiar with our pages may remember last winters coverage of Red Pants here. I recently caught up with Jason to discuss the new album and video which we’re thrilled to be premiering today to learn a bit more about how these songs came to life in Lambeth’s basement. “Gentle Centuries began in the early winter of ’22 when Elsa Nekola and I started practicing more and more in my basement. We ended up recording an acoustic version of the last Red Pants album live to my 4-track and that led us to want to continue recording more on the 4-track as opposed to on the computer like we usually do. Because we were in my basement instead of our usual practice space, I got to incorporate my acoustic guitar and my old Hammond organ as the main instruments. This was our first time playing with the organ and drum set up. Elsa picked up on my Stereolab/Krautrock vibes immediately on Century Phaser and that sort of busted the door wide open to try anything. One session, I presented Paper Moon as a couple new chords and we made it through it well enough on the second take that I was able to finish writing the song around the improvised take.

Check out the charming new video for Paper Moon. Highly recommended for fans of cassettes, ice coffee, not to mention intelligent and captivating post-underground pop songs. You can obtain both the limited edition tape or digital copies of the album at Red Pants Bandcamp.

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