Premiere: Fake Rays / Greed Island Split Release


We’re thrilled to premiere the forthcoming split release from two of New England’s finest bands. Boston’s moody punk concern Fake Rays (F.K.A. Sorry) and the New Hampshire Seacoast’s post-punk rippers, Greed Island have teamed for a split release on Midnight Werewolf Records. Each band contributes 3 tracks to the release which you can hear in full below. The cassette can be pre-ordered now.

The bands contributed their own bios for the uninitiated:
Greed island is a Seacoast, NH post punk band that kills time by watching anime and shredding fuzzy riffs together. We take influence from bands like Pavement and Dinosaur Jr to bring our own brand of weird rock.

Fake Rays – “For a bio we’ve opted for a haiku format”

Once we were Sorry
Moody apologetics
Now we are Fake Rays ”

Pre-Order Greed Island/Fake Rays

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